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Hey, this is kind of a great idea. I'm almost sorry I'm sharing with everyone.

Put your location in, and it tells you which areas to avoid, while pointing out useful locations for shelter, food, supplies, and weapons. Looks like it's also going to be part of some real-world game, too. Hopefully one without actual zombies.


Map of the Dead - Zombie Survival Map

Quick, go watch this:

OK, now watch part 2:

Now, see what's coming later this year:

Yup, if this is real, and not some fan-made trailer, Bethesda's doing Fallout 4, and it's set in my favourite U.S. town.

Of course, over at the official Fallout page, there's no mention of this. (Sigh)

... that didn't involve Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat.


With the recent Supreme Court ruling that video games are a form of Free Speech protected by the First Amendment, it seems like a good time to look back at some of the controversies that led the nation's highest court to get involved in the debate. While you've heard the stories behind notorious titles like Mortal Kombat and Grand Theft Auto, here are some video game controversies that might have flown under your radar.

mental_floss Blog » 7 Video Game Controversies Not Involving Grand Theft Auto or Mortal Kombat

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Check out this trailer for L. A. Noire. All the footage is pulled from in-game action.

YouTube - LA Noire First Trailer [HD]

And by good, I mean fucking awesome! Holy crap!

Murder by crows....

YouTube - BioShock Infinite: Gameplay trailer

I'm sending him an angry email right now! (No I'm not)

The Escapist : Video Galleries : Zero Punctuation : Transformers: War for Cybertron

  Lego meets Starcraft

I remember this game. Legos just make it more awesome.

YouTube - Lego Starcraft: Brick Rush

  BioShock In Five Minutes

  Tetris VS Contra

  Shockwave Rules

Takes serious stones to command Soundwave what to play.

YouTube - GameSpot Video Transformers War for Cybertron Storyline Movie2.flv

I'd get it right now, but it takes 150 floppies.

YouTube - 8-bit Starcraft

If you like progress bars, that is.

This was actually a little more fun than some MMOs. If you opened up a chat window and played the Creature Cantina music, you'd pretty much have Star Wars Galaxies.


Progress Wars

  LOVE Blooms In March

Good news if you're looking for Love.

One-man development army Eskil Steenberg announced a March 25 release date for Love, his procedural online adventure game and perhaps the most ambitious video game ever made by a single person.


Now the beta testing is coming to an end, and the game launches on March 25 for the PC, with OSX and LINUX versions planned. There will be a subscription fee to play, but it will likely be far less than Steenberg deserves for this amazing accomplishment.

LOVE Blooms In March - Love - Kotaku

  Star Trek Online Review

Sounds like the game's got a lot going for it. Just needs to be polished a little more.



The Ships: You could put any avatar in a Star Trek uniform and suddenly they're a Starfleet officer. The real characters in Star Trek Online are the ships. Star Trek Online's starships are gorgeous creatures, lovingly rendered with painstaking attention to detail, and given to the players, who can then mix and match parts from several different styles to create their own personal star-spanning ride.
I love my ship more than I love some of my pets.

Star Trek Online Review: A Piece Of The Action - Star Trek Online - Kotaku

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