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  Bad Universe Trailer

Finally, a good show about a bad universe. Starring everyone's favourite bad astronomer, Phil Plait.

YouTube - Bad Universe - Sneak Peek | New Series

Interesting talk on how to fight cancer with strawberries and red wine (and other things).

William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer? | Video on

A beautiful speech. Brings out the emotional atheist in me.

YouTube - The Pale Blue Dot - full speech

"It's me, Norm and Sam and Sadie's boy"


Researchers have produced human embryos containing DNA from three people, a biotechnological proof-of-principle with profound medical and ethical implications.

To accomplish this, chromosomes were taken from one zygote -- the single cell formed when sperm and egg fuse -- and put into a zygote stripped of its original chromosomes, but left with its original mitochondria, which provide each human cell with energy.

As they grew, the resulting embryos contained so-called nuclear DNA -- the 25,000 genes responsible for physical and developmental traits -- from two traditional parents, and mitochondrial DNA from a third.

3-Parent Embryos Could Prevent Disease, But Raise Ethical Issues | Wired Science |

  Evolution made easy

Another awesome video from Thunderf00t.

YouTube - Evolution for IDiots (remix)

  Oh, there's my jetpack!

Ah, the future is strange indeed.

YouTube - Ray flys Martin Jetpack for a VIP

Oh Apple. First it was Cisco's iPod name, now this...

"Everybody can think of an easy name like 'iPad.' It's not creative."

Indeed several other companies worldwide have had the same idea.

Germany's Siemens uses the trademark "iPad" for small engines and motors.

The Swiss-based microchip maker STMicroelectronics has reportedly also registered "IPAD", short for "Integrated Passive and Active Devices."

In Canada, the Ontario-based company Coconut Grove Pads Inc. has since 2007 made a line of bra inserts and shoulder pads called the "iPad", according to an online report by the Globe and Mail daily.

Japan's Fujitsu says it made first 'iPad'

Why Microsoft's Courier - their secret booklet device, of course.

Microsoft's Courier - Their secret booklet device â.¢ VideoSift: Online Video *Quality Control

Actually, they list 10 things. So here's 2 for free.

No Multitasking

This is a backbreaker. If this is supposed to be a replacement for netbooks, how can it possibly not have multitasking? Are you saying I can't listen to Pandora while writing a document? I can't have my Twitter app open at the same time as my browser? I can't have AIM open at the same time as my email? Are you kidding me? This alone guarantees that I will not buy this product.

No Cameras

No front facing camera is one thing. But no back facing camera either? Why the hell not? I can't imagine what the downside was for including at least one camera. Could this thing not handle video iChat?

8 Things That Suck About the iPad - apple ipad - Gizmodo

  The Birth of Hyperspace

Or is it warp technology? Which will win out, Star Wars or Star Trek?

They say that ideas developed about 50 years ago by a German scientist named Burkhard Heim suggest that we could use a very strong magnetic field to push spacecraft into another dimension. A dimension where the physical laws that make the speed of light as fast as anything can go don't exist.

Travel to Mars in Three Hours : Discovery News

  Japanese Robots Scare Me


But, at least she's not spinning leeks...

  Symphonies of Science

4 great videos from melodysheep. You can download them from

YouTube - Symphonies of Science

  The Pet Rock is Back

Now with USB 2.0 support.


Simply plug the USB cable into a free port and let the fun begin. The USB Pet Rock will instantly begin to work its magic. People will stop by and ask you what your USB Pet Rock does. Each time, you can make up a new story; for no matter what you say, it will be greater than the truth - because these USB Pet Rocks don't do a dang thing. Except make you smile. And confuse your friends and coworkers, which will make you smile even more. So, get your USB Pet Rock today, and help make us rich tomorrow.

ThinkGeek :: USB Pet Rock

  Mutated by Cosmic Rays

First time I've seen this outside of a Marvel comic book reference:

Cosmic rays can mutate

Charged particles zipping through space, known as cosmic rays, can mutate the otherwise manageable microbes, spurring the bugs to reproduce quicker and become more virulent, recent studies show.

At the same time, exposure to cosmic rays and the stresses of long-term weightlessness can dampen the human immune system, encouraging diseases to take hold.

Mutant Diseases May Cripple Missions to Mars, Beyond

Interesting point. Also, it brings up a very good point referenced in the Little Brother novel: what happens when a government organization puts out its own version of ParanoidLinux in an attempt to snare those who think they need it?

It's not the "there are already too many distributions" argument that is unsettling. It is more that the project feels a like a waste of human resources -- why is it necessary to put the applications and services designed to protect anonymity, to encrypt files, to make the user nameless and faceless, all together, in one distribution? Let's think in a truly paranoid manner. Wouldn't it be far easier for a nefarious government organization to target that distribution's repositories, mirror that singular distribution's disk images with files of its own design, and leave every last one of that distribution's users in the great wide open? It would take more effort, it would seem, for a despotic goverment to hit every last repository of every last distribution with a bogus security application.

Linux Rooted in Fiction: ParanoidLinux

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